Atelier Integrati di Progettazione

19 Jul 2021/21 Jul 2021

Atelier Integrati di Progettazione

Year – 2021
University – Università Degli Studi di Trieste
Coordination - Giuseppina Scavuzzo
Location – Gorizia, Italy

Lecturers – Giuseppina Scavuzzo, Albuquerque Goinhas, Nuno Griff, Cristina de Mendonça

Assistants – Mattia Marzaro

Students –

Seminars –

Final Juri –

Photography – EMBAIXADA, José M. Rodrigues, Mattia Marzaro

Starting from the design research experience developed in the 30s in Italy*, by a group of young architects including Franco Albini on the theme of living as a pretext, the 2021 Integrated Design Workshops intend to investigate, through design and laboratory activities, a new dimension of the inhabited space focused on the theme of the room.

The room as a unit of space of the private microcosm of man in duality with the macrocosm of the external world which, thanks to new technologies, enters our private space every day and redesigns our new public image. Starting from the incessant and irreversible evolution of our habits of life in which our priorities are also constantly questioned, the workshops intend to investigate and find answers to the new functional and emotional needs of man. Territories, places and local spaces will be the subject of design experiments.
* VI Triennale di Milano in 1936

To live

In contrast to Franco Albini’s research “Stanza per un Uomo”, the studio by EMBAIXADA will arise from a research focused on the definition of space, rather than on the definition of objects. Space as a function; determined by its stereotomic (space-forming continuity) and tectonic (space-forming elements) potential, and by its values of scale, proportion, configuration, weight, materiality, light, sound and temperature.

Beyond a precise and defined lexicon of furniture “devices” – a Bed, a Kitchen, a Shower, a Table, a Chair… – the studio aims to speculate about spatial “devices” as a means to engage our current and challenging domestic activities - sleep, eat, teach, learn, meet, play, cook, wash, work, gather, i.e., all actions of inhabiting.

Without designing, one single piece of furniture, the studio calls for the development of a corporeal and emotional creativity, as the material consequence of a problematic and therefore an idea. By reflecting on the value of the inhabited space and on the relationship between body, activity and space, the studio aims to identify a spatial lexicon through the creation of fit environments for human activities.

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