Suite 4
McDonald Haus

Hamburg, Germany 

Suite 4
McDonald Haus

Year – 2013   
Direct consultation – Institutional Client
Client – McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Foundation

Location – Bleickenallee 38, Hamburg, Germany 
GPS – 53°33'10.5"N 9°54'48.3"E        
Area – 26 sq.m
Budget – 10 000,00 € (unity)
Status – unbuilt

Partners – Albuquerque Goinhas, Cristina de Mendonça, Nuno Griff

Photography – Mercês Tomaz Gomes (MTG)

McDonald’s Kinderhilfe foundation invited a set of 11 European architects to participate in its new project, a Ronald McDonald House to be built at AKK Altoner Kinderkrankenhaus in Hamburg. The Ronald McDonald House will be a ‘temporary home’ for relatives of seriously ill children undergoing treatment in the neighbouring hospital.

The idea was to create a series of 11 apartments, with signature design, that would help bring visibility and public awareness to the global project. EMBAIXADA was invited to represent the Portuguese design and received room number 4 to develop a conceptual study.

Room 4 - A Room as a monomaterial absence of space.

In order to summarise the common functions of a room, ergonomic studies were conducted that took into account every possible interaction between the human body and a physical environment: To sleep, to eat, to engage with others, to work, to bathe, to clean, to play, etc. One object fits the room and creates the response to the needs as a life support organism, a rhizome.
Completely made out of Cork, a 100% natural and sustainable material, both the structures and the floor have an undefined yet warm touch, a texture to which humans can relate.

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