Federico Garcia Lorca
Cultural Centre

Granada, Spain

Federico Garcia Lorca
Cultural Centre

Year – 2004
Public Competition
Client – Fundacíon Federico Garcia lorca

Location – Granada, Spain
GPS - 37°10'35.8"N 3°36'02.5"W
Site Area / Area – 1082 sq.m / 2164 sq.m (underground park) + 3246 sq.m
Budget – 14.800.000,00 €

Partners – Albuquerque Goinhas, Augusto Marcelino, Cristina de Mendonça, Luís Baptista, Nuno Griff, Pedro Patrício, Sofia Antunes

Photography – EMBAIXADA

Taking the proposal as a compliment to Lorca and Granada, the project makes a deliberate bet in abstraction and freedom, either in the internal organization (less bureaucratic) and in the appearance of the building.

Implanted in a block of reduced dimensions, the building sought the continuity between the existing urban fabric, becoming comprised by, but and the same time loose of its direct surrounding.

Made through small prefabricated pieces, a mesh that filters light and weather conditions allowing a huge gradation range, inside | outside. This huge tracery makes the space highly sensitive to changes in the external environment, either of density of use or weather conditions, altering and cyclically providing new appearances. Thus giving the users the experience of various ambiences, sometimes opaque, sometimes transparent, seeing, being seen, etc.

Organized in a stratified manner, the various programmatic areas organize themselves around a courtyard whose morphology varies floor by floor, according to the specific needs of light, area and relationship with the urban fabric. For vertical communication a network of accesses is organized, a system of continuous stairs located on the periphery of the building. Here you can traverse the whole building in a contemplative way, performing a traveling through all the functions it congregates.

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