Pop-up Store

Lisbon, Portugal

Pop-up Store

Year – 2018 
Client – Degrau | Paez

Location – Colombo shopping center, Lisbon / Cascaishopping, Cascais / NorteShopping, Porto / El Corte Inglés, Lisbon / etc    
Site Area / Area – 9,6 sq.m 
Budget – 5.000 €
Status – Built

Partners – Albuquerque Goinhas, Cristina de Mendonça, Nuno Griff

Project Team – Marion Gouges, Marcelo Grilo, Rui Neto

Photography – Mercês Tomaz Gomes (MTG)

As part of the store’s renovation work for the DEGRAU brand, the challenge of designing an "island" for shopping centres arose. This was intended as a piece for seasonal use and with the possibility of travelling to very different commercial spaces.

Following the speech developed for the Flagship Store, the piece sought to provide a stage for the products on display, expanding the size of the exhibition without harming the reserve space and stock. A set of modules in wood created the base and formalised the service counter, using a system of acrylic boxes.

The system allows for the increase or decrease in the amount of products displayed simply by adding or removing acrylic modules. It also allows for enormous versatility in the shape configuration, providing the space for adjustments to be made when required and an adaptation to the philosophy of each commercial area.

From the design point of view, an expressive and versatile shape was sought out, one that would have a visual impact without becoming overwhelming. A piece of serene complexity.

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