Casa Gil Vicente

Amadora, Portugal

Casa Gil Vicente

Year – 2004 / 2013 
Direct Consultation – Private client

Location – Amadora, Portugal
Site Area / Area – 368 sq.m/ 509 sq.m
Budget – 350.000,00 €
Status – built

Partners – Albuquerque Goinhas, Augusto Marcelino, Cristina de Mendonça, Luís Baptista, Nuno Griff, Pedro Patrício, Sofia Antunes

Engineering – Carlos Baptista (structures), Antonio Figueirinhas (gas, water and sewage), Carlos Palma (HVAC), Augusto Marcelino (electricity, ITED)

Photography – Mercês Tomaz Gomes (MTG)

This project has all the classical dilemmas of the contemporary private dwelling commission. A cliché. An unfamiliar dwelling restricted to a suburban plot. The premises of the design begin precisely by taking into serious consideration all the existing restrictions; the plot physical boundaries, the neighborhood plan legal constraints, the client main desires.

The developed research culminated into a very common architecture element – the wall. It was decided that the inhabitants should have the opportunity to inhabit the site on the totality of its dimensions. Since legal restrictions blocked classical construction to approach the perimeter, a wall was designed, assuming the desired spatial sequences.

The house takes advantage of this main infrastructure being everything else directly or indirectly dependent of it.

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