Lisbon, Portugal


Year – 2016/2017
Client – Private Client

Location – Avenida Miguel Bombarda, Lisbon, Portugal
Area – 179,43 sq.m
Budget – undisclosed

Author – Albuquerque Goinhas, Cristina de Mendonça, Nuno Griff

Project Team – Oscar Barnay, Mário Pinto

Photography – Mercês Tomaz Gomes (MTG)

Incorporating a fixed furniture system consisting of a shelving unit to divide interior spaces is a key aspect of the project. This particular element offers significant ergonomic advantages, as it is highly responsive to users and can effectively accommodate various objects, thereby reducing potential disorder in domestic environments.

The project involves a comprehensive renovation of a 5th-floor dwelling located in Avenidas Novas, Lisbon. Despite the building's contemporary construction, the primary focus on interior compartmentalization has presented challenges in accurately defining and distinguishing architecturally similar spaces.

To address this, each space adopts a unique natural wood variant, which serves as an identifying feature and becomes enriched with traces of usage over time, enhancing the level of personalization. It is worth noting that the true fulfillment of this furniture piece can only be realized through the daily engagement of its users, fostering an organic synergy between functional performance and individualized experiences.

Furthermore, the furniture piece plays a crucial role in establishing a hierarchical organization of privacy zones. This is achieved through the integration of a three-position pivoting door. When fully open, the dwelling is exclusively reserved for its occupants, ensuring utmost privacy. In an intermediate position, the Office area remains connected to Social spaces while also serving as a buffer for the Bedrooms. In the closed position, the Bedrooms and Office areas are secluded, and only the Social areas are accessible.

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