Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Dessau, Germany

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Year – 2015  
Public Competition 
Client – Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Location – Dessau, Germany
GPS – 51°50'05.6"N 12°14'31.5"E  
Site Area | Area – 8.300 sq.m | 6.000 sq.m
Budget – 25.000.000 €

Partners – Albuquerque Goinhas, Cristina de Mendonça, Nuno Griff
In Collaboration – Simon Troufa Real
Project Team – Pavol Dobsinsky, João Quinas, Miguel Martinho
Landscape Architecture – Catarina Raposo, Joana Marques, Pedro Gusmão, Samuel Alcobia (BALDIOS)

The creation of a Bauhaus Museum in Dessau offers a unique chance to rethink Museum typology by addressing new paradigms of art, architecture, knowledge and society.

The strategy is to implement – in the first instance - an infrastructural system capable of simultaneously responding to the programmatic requirements and organising the park. To this end, it has been crucial to meet three fundamental criteria: the provision of an environment that is fit for museological activities; a connection between the city and the park; and, finally, a permanent environment for outdoor activities.

The building is defined with a discreet exterior crystalline configuration and it reveals the volumetric precision and uniformity of a city building – Museum an der straße – while at the same time generating a diaphanous and ambiguous environment with the reflections of the trees and transparencies, creating different levels of intimacy and merging the interior with the exterior – Museum am Park. Therefore, it is not the building that establishes itself as a reference, but rather the new urban place and the experience that the building generates.

The new Bauhaus museum aims to establish itself as a territorial infrastructure: an urban event and a landmark in the city, capable of bringing people into contact with Bauhaus in an informal space, and giving them the opportunity to learn and look at their own culture through a tactile, visual and spatial experience.

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